*So many questions and messages and inquiries as to why I'm not longer booking weddings. This post will give you an insight as to what is really going on, why the changes you're seeing are really being implemented and a glimpse at a very real, true struggle of mine. So this post is long. Its too long. #sorrynotsorry.

I feel like 2016 was a year of disappointment for me.

Not disappointment in my sessions or my clients.
Not disappointment in my ability to do my job and do my job well. I actually feel like 2016 was the year I hit my stride, found my strengths and pushed my boundaries.
No, 2016 showed me a deep-seated disappointment in myself.

Stay with me.

122 sessions, 21 weddings and in 4 weddings I was a second shooter. That was 2016.
Don't get me wrong. I love what I do, I love having a full calendar. I love all of my regulars and the new faces that become regulars. I truly love soo soooo many of the sessions I had in 2016. SO MANY!

But 2016 took so much from me. And it all boils down to time.

2016 took away time. It took a lot of time away from my girls and my husband. It made me feel like the worst wife and worst mother ever. No, I mean, there is legit reason to feel that way- none of this, 'Oh, we all feel that way, you aren't a bad mother...'
I wasn't a good mother or wife last year. The entire year. And that is entirely my fault for overbooking, for not putting my family first.
I did that.
And I refuse to do it again.

My family deserves everything I have to give and instead of pouring myself into them I poured myself into my business last year. And we all suffered from that. I am still suffering from that.
This feeling of guilt as I look back at 2016 and realize that I can't fix it, I can't get those days, weeks, months back. I can't go back and be the mother/wife/person/friend I should have been in 2016. That feeling I can't shake.

But here is 2017.
2017 brings changes to Acquired Photography, LLC.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to me in 2017 is time.
Every change this year, within this business, will allow me more time to be with my family and those that mean the most to me.


As of January 1, 2017, prices have increased for all sessions. This increase will allow me to book less, focus more on the sessions I do have on the books and at the same time, spend more time with my family.

January 1, 2017 is also bringing changes to weddings. I will no longer be booking weddings from this point forward until further notice. I have 15 weddings on the calendar for 2017 and that is plenty to keep a girl busy. The amount of work that goes into correspondence, bridal consults, planning, childcare, booking second shooters, 8-10 hours of shooting, hours and hours of editing, album creation and proofing.... No longer booking weddings has already lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

With that being said, I have loved my brides! My brides and weddings have been incredible. I love everything that is shooting a wedding and sometime in the far off future I may book weddings again! But that time is not now.

Right now, I need more of the good stuff with my family. I need to fill up with the giggles and stories and make believe and date nights that I have so dearly been missing.

So, 2017, let's not skew priorities.
Let's not forget to slow down and enjoy every day in this blessed life.
And 2017... no regrets or disappointments this year.