So, that title may not be entirely true. I definitely do not have style for days... But don't you wish you had it all pulled together for your little one's session?!

A lot of you probably know this about me, but maybe some of you don't. I started a local co-op here in Southern Indiana a couple of years ago and within that co-op affordable, adorable kids clothes and accessories were readily available to all members. Think of it as a boutique yard sale of sorts- without all the stains and tears. Although the co-op blew up and was incredibly successful, I had to step back to make time for this crazy, wonderful biz.

I still find myself browsing the wholesale sites I have access to just dreaming of the day I can open a boutique... That will likely never happen but a girl can dream!

So, now, with my access to the boutique sites you, too, can have the adorable boutique outfits for your little one and for yourself without paying the boutique prices.

When you book your child's session with me, I would love to collaborate with you to make your child's session perfect. Maybe its something that you can't quite pull together on your own. Or maybe you know exactly what you want but you can't find the outfit that will fit the bill for less than $$$. Let me help!

None of the images in this blog post are mine but everything you see is less than $12 at the publication of this post. I mean, you can't find a super cute children's top for that price in a boutique!

So what outfits do you need for your session coming up with me? Are we doing a cake smash? A 3rd birthday? A family session and you need the perfect outfit for your princess? Or a mommy and me session?! Let's get together and style your session!