Tyler & Whitney | ENGAGED | Southern Indiana Engagement Photographer

After taking the winter off, I'm always a little nervous coming into my first outdoor session of the year. I can't explain why the nervousness hits... maybe the fear of being rusty? Maybe the self-doubt creeping in? Whatever it is, I typically can't shake it.
It was no different shooting with Tyler and Whitney.

After emails back and forth we finally decided upon Blackacre Conservancy for their early spring engagement session.
Tyler and Whitney were there, early, when I pulled up. 

I am crazy talkative and full of conversation in everyday life but in sessions even more so, mostly due to feeling out the couple and the need to fill the silence. Conversation came easy with these two. Immediately, their laidback demeanor was enough to let me know their session was going to be smooth sailing.

If you're reading this, you may know this couple on a personal level, much better than I know them!
But, from the 90 minutes we spent together I can tell you this//


These two are good together!

To say that I'm excited about their wedding and the magic that will happen that day is an understatement! Can't wait!


Blouse:  Target (😍)
Dress: Kohl's (😍😍😍)
Tyler's Jacket: Jos. A Bank
Ring:  Seng Jewelry